Sergei Chaplian

Business security is not just some abstract notion. It is a system of specific effective measures aimed at minimizing the risks which go hand in hand with any business activity. It is no secret that Ukraine’s business environment is far from perfect. If we compare domestic business conditions with those existing in the European Union and the United States, we may get something similar to a comparison of the jungles and the city central park.


Risks are the reality which every entrepreneur faces today. They cannot be avoided or reduced to an absolute minimum. However, it is possible to prepare oneself for them. That way the consequences would not be as devastating. For example, there is no way of protecting your office from a search once and for all, because something unforeseen may happen and your very office will get the unwelcomed visit from an investigator. However, only you are responsible for the actual consequences of such an event. This is why in some cases, law enforcement officers drag bags filled with documents out of the office, taking away the server with all accounting data, and the company’s employees panic and say all sorts of things that can easily secure them a sentence or two according to the Criminal Code, whereas in other instances, the law enforcement officers leave empty-handed without any evidence or information whatsoever. Is it just a dumb luck? Not at all. This is the security system in the making. It includes the proper staff training, document and information storage regulations etc. As ancient Romans used to say, “Si vis pacem, para bellum.” If you want peace, prepare for war.


The security system cannot be universal, the same for everyone. Every business is unique and therefore each has its own Achilles' heel, i.e. certain weak spots that need to be protected. This may include failure of in-house corporate ties between the owners, possible leakage of confidential information, unfavorable PR, etc.


Because of this, the security system shall be tailored individually for each business. It must take into consideration a large amount of information ranging from location of the office to relations between co-owners.


Jusguard focuses on development of efficient business security systems allowing to successfully prevent and combat both external and internal threats, which, in turn, helps the business grow and engage in new projects, without looking around anticipating furtive punch.




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